Evie Mitchell, the friendly face behind Eviem Photography, has been addicted to photography since she was eight years old. 

Back then Evie, like any sensible eight-year-old, didn’t know the difference between an F-stop and a bus stop. Then her dad gave her a camera. 

Evie started taking photos and never stopped. 

A native of Scotland, she traveled and photographed her way through the UK and parts of Europe. The resulting photos captured the countryside so well that a Scottish Tourist Bureau later contacted Evie's personal website in Canada, to ask about using one of her images in a tourist brochure for Scotland!

Evie’s goal as a photographer is to highlight the natural beauty that surrounds us. This beauty, she believes, is always there to be captured—even on rainy days. And especially on hectic ones; Evie’s currently in her third year as Team Leader of the Edmonton Fringe Festival’s official photography team. She joined the team four years ago and was promoted to Team Leader after her first season.

Evie’s always noodling around with her camera. Never entirely satisfied, she pokes through advanced-level photography books and is constantly experimenting. 

Evie’s commitment to high-level service is reflected by her company’s membership in the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. But along with this uncompromising dedication to quality, Evie offers her clients the relaxed, almost playful conviction that taking photos—and having your photo taken—is something to be enjoyed.

Eviem Photography... The Friendly Face of Photography


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